Alfa Living

Alfa ​Living is the brand specialized in ​residential ​wood and gas fired ovens​. ​We produce the most beautiful and easy ready to use pizza oven for indoor or outdoor kitchens on the market. Entirely made in Italy in our plant close to Rome, all models are suitable for baking, grilling, roasting and stewing, they are ​easy t​o use and you will be able to cook like a real chef.​​ Your cooking will be full of flavor every day.​

In the garden, near the pool or in the home, for occasional or daily use, Alfa Living products are designed to fully satisfy the needs of all passionate about cooking. To get the most out of your ​wood fired ​oven, ​use pizza oven accessories that make your food preparation and baking easier and allows you to serve dishes rich in flavor and tradition. Alfa Pizza transforms the traditional way of cooking into a design device.

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Alfa Pro

Alfa Pro commercial ovens are the only cooking appliances of their kind that do not require building works for installation. Once you receive your professional pizza oven in your restaurant you have just to unpack it, plug it in and start cooking!

Coming from over 40 years of experience and research, Alfa Pro wood and gas fired ovens are the best solution for your restaurant activity. Thanks to the Forninox Technology that combines strong stainless steel AISI 441 and a refractory tiles, the ovens are light, movable and reach working temperatures in just 30 minutes. Powered with gas, wood or in a dual fuel version these devices allows a perfect and efficient baking results.

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